The Book of the Discipline

SuttaCentral is proud to offer the full text of I.B. Horner’s translation of the Pali Vinaya in six volumes. This is the first time that this classic of 20th century Buddhist scholarship has been made available in a true digital edition. We are able to do this because the Pali Text Society, holders of the copyright, kindly released the text under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence.

SuttaCentral exists to present the Buddhist texts, not people’s opinions about the texts, so our policy is to exclude introductions, footnotes, and the like. On SuttaCentral, therefore, we have only the translated text itself. However, in this case we felt that the scholarly apparatus was valuable enough to put the considerable effort into creating a proper digital edition of the entire text. This is what we offer in these downloads. These are, of course, covered by the same Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence. The text is presented in a number of formats, which are explained below.

Further details on the process of creating these texts and on relevant changes are included in the Preface to the SuttaCentral edition. All versions include such enhancements as clickable links for over 12,000 internal references, detailed tables of contents, and revised reference system.

PDF (9.8mb) This is the entire six volumes in one pdf file. The file was created in LaTeX, and is a high quality pdf suitable for all devices as well as for printing. Under the licence terms it is permissible to publish a print edition for free distribution. If you are interested to do this, please contact us and we can help tailor the pdf file to your needs.
EPUB (3.0mb) MOBI (5.6mb) e-book version suitable for use with e-readers. Mobi (Kindle) and ePub are the most common e-book formats, the Calibre software can convert to other formats.
HTML (coming soon) The six books divided into sane html page sizes based on the same semantic divisions used on SuttaCentral: rule, khandhaka, and so on. Use this if you want a local copy to read in your web browser.
ZIP (3.6mb) Source archive, contains the tex source file suitable for compiling with LuaLatex, and the entire six volumes as one large html file. These are the base files from which the other formats were derived.

Sutta Nipata by Laurence Mills

The Sutta Nipāta is a well known and well loved early Buddhist text. It is a compilation of poems that inspire, educate, and admonish. Touching devotion, profound philosophy, pragmatic ethics, and insights into early Buddhist culture all find their place here. This translation expresses these teachings in a poetic voice. The primary translator and commentator is the experienced Pali scholar Laurence Khantipalo Mills, with portions by others including Bhikkhu Ñānamoli and Bhikkhu Sujato. Download the PDF (0.8mb) here or you can order the paperback on

Offline SuttaCentral

An offline version of SuttaCentral suitable for when you don't have an Internet connection. This is an enhanced offline version superior to the results of running a site-scraper. Enhancements include working Pali and Chinese popup dictionary and clearly indicated links to the internet. The entire site is quite large, around 1GB. Using the 7z archive is recommend as 7-zip achieves a much better compression ratio, the 7-zip archiver is free software.

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Raw Database and Texts

All the raw SuttaCentral data (CSV, html, etc.) is available on our GitHub repository. You can download a Zip copy here.

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