Aṅguttara Nikāya

The Book of the Fours

15. Proclamations

“Bhikkhus, there are these four proclamations of the foremost. What four?

(1) “The foremost of those with bodies is Rāhu, lord of the asuras. (2) The foremost of those who enjoy sensual pleasures is King Mandhātā. (3) The foremost of those who exercise authority is Māra the Evil One. (4) In this world with its devas, Māra, and Brahmā, among this population with its ascetics and brahmins, its devas and humans, the Tathāgata, the Arahant, the Perfectly Enlightened One is declared foremost. These are the four proclamations of those who are foremost.”

Rāhu is the foremost of those with bodies,
Mandhātā, of those enjoying sense pleasures;
Māra is the foremost of rulers,
blazing with power and glory.

In this world together with its devas
above, across, and below,
as far as the world extends,
the Buddha is declared foremost.