Aṅguttara Nikāya

The Book of the Fours

40. Udāyī

Then the brahmin Udāyī approached the Blessed One … and said to him:

The prose portion is identical with that of 4:39.

When a sacrifice is timely and allowable,
well prepared and nonviolent,
the self-controlled followers of the spiritual life
attend such a sacrifice as this.

Those in the world who have removed the coverings,
transcenders of time and destination,
the Buddhas who are proficient in sacrifice,
praise this kind of sacrifice.

Having prepared an appropriate gift,
whether of the ordinary kind or in memory of the dead,
one makes the sacrifice with a confident mind
to a fertile field, to followers of the spiritual life.

When what has been properly obtained
is properly offered, properly sacrificed,
to those worthy of offerings,
the sacrifice is vast and the deities are pleased.

The wise person endowed with faith,
having sacrificed thus with a generous mind,
is reborn in a happy world,
in a realm without affliction.