The Discourse giving the Analysis of the Topics


3. The Eighteen Elements

Herein, monastics, what are the eighteen elements?

They are as follows:

  1. The eye element,
  2. the visible-form element,
  3. the eye-consciousness element,
  4. the ear element,
  5. the sound element,
  6. the ear-consciousness element,
  7. the nose element,
  8. the smell element,
  9. the nose-consciousness element,
  10. the tongue element,
  11. the taste element,
  12. the tongue-consciousness element,
  13. the body element,
  14. the tangible element,
  15. the body-consciousness element,
  16. the mind element,
  17. the thoughts element,
  18. the mind-consciousness element.

These, monastics, are said to be the eighteen elements.