The Discourse giving the Analysis of the Topics


7. The Twenty-Two Faculties

Herein, monastics, what are the twenty-two faculties?

They are as follows:

  1. The eye faculty,
  2. the ear faculty,
  3. the nose faculty,
  4. the tongue faculty,
  5. the body faculty,
  6. the mind faculty,
  7. the female faculty,
  8. the male faculty,
  9. the life faculty,
  10. the suffering faculty,
  11. the sorrow faculty,
  12. the pleasure faculty,
  13. the well-being faculty,
  14. the equanimity faculty,
  15. the faith faculty,
  16. the energy faculty,
  17. the mindfulness faculty,
  18. the concentration faculty,
  19. the wisdom faculty,
  20. the ‘I-will-know-the-unknown’ faculty,
  21. the understanding faculty,
  22. the complete understanding faculty.

These, monastics, are the twenty-two faculties.