The Discourse giving the Analysis of the Topics


8. The Four Absorptions

Herein, monastics, what are the four absorptions?

  1. Here, monastics, a monastic, quite secluded from sense desires, secluded from wicked and unwholesome things, having thinking, reflection, and the happiness and rapture born of seclusion, dwells having attained the first absorption.

  2. With the stilling of thinking and reflection, with internal clarity, and one-pointedness of mind, being without thinking, without reflection, having the happiness and rapture born of concentration, he dwells having attained the second absorption.

  3. With the fading away of rapture he dwells equanimous, mindful, clearly knowing, experiencing happiness through the body, about which the Noble Ones declare: He lives pleasantly, mindful, and equanimous, (thus) he dwells having attained the third absorption.

  4. Having given up pleasure and given up pain, and with the previous disappearance of mental well-being and sorrow, without pain, without pleasure, and with complete purity of mindfulness and equanimity, he dwells having attained the fourth absorption.

These, monastics, are the four absorptions.