Compendium of Phenomena

2.2 Form

2.2.2. The Matrix

In this connexion what is ‘all form’?

The four great phenomena and that form which is derived from the four great phenomena—this is what is called ‘all form’.

Here follows the Matika, or table of contents of the following analysis of Form, considered under quantitative categories—the usual Buddhist method. That is to say, Form is considered, first, under a number of single, uncorrelated qualities, then under dichotomized qualities, then under qualities which, taken singly, give inclusion, inclusion under the opposite, or exclusion from both; or which, taken in pairs, afford three combinations. We then get pairs of qualities taken together, affording four combinations. After that comes consideration of Form under more inductive classifications, e.g., the four elements and, fifthly, their derivatives, and so on, as given below.