Itivuttaka: The Buddha’s Sayings

The Section of the Twos

29. Living in Comfort

This was said by the Lord…

“Bhikkhus, possessed of two things a bhikkhu lives in comfort here and now, not bringing upon himself vexation, trouble, and distress, and when the body perishes after death a good bourn is to be expected. What are the two? Being guarded regarding the doors of the senses and being moderate in eating. These are the two…”

The eye, ear, nose, tongue,
Body and likewise the mind—
A bhikkhu who has these doors
Well guarded here,

Moderate in eating,
Of controlled senses,
Experiences happiness
Both bodily and mental.

Not tormented by body,
Nor tormented by mind,
Such a one lives in comfort
Both by day and by night.