Points of Controversy

11.2. Of Insight

Controverted Point: That it is wrong to say “he has insight” of one who, though he has banished delusion, has thoughts not conjoined with insight.

Theravādin: Then you must also admit it is not right to say that, when lust has departed, a man has “done with lust.” Similarly for hate, and for delusion, and for worldly corruptions generally. If, on the contrary, you maintain that it is right to affirm these latter propositions, then it is no less right to say, of one for whom delusion is departed, but for whom cognition not conjoined with insight is active, that he has insight.

Mahāsaṅghikas: But if it be right to say thus of that person, is it in virtue of past insight? Can he be said “to have insight” by an insight that has ceased, that is past, that has subsided? You deny this…