Points of Controversy

11.4. Of the Utterance,” This is Pain and Sorrow!”

Controverted Point: That from utterance of the word, “This is Suffering!” insight into the nature of Suffering is set working.

Theravādin: But you deny that a similar result ensues on the utterance of the other three Truths: This is the Cause, this the Cessation, this the Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering. Why is this?

Why deny for these what you affirm for the first Truth?

Or why deny, as you do, that insight into the impermanence of each of the five aggregates (body-mind) follows from statement of the fact? Or, once more, that insight into the soullessness of each aggregate follows from a statement of the fact?

On what grounds can you defend the sequence in one case only out of the three sets of five propositions?

Now do you mean to tell me that insight issues from every syllable of this formula: This-is-pain-and-sor-row?

Andhakas: No, that cannot truly be said… .