Points of Controversy

12.8. Of Murder

Controverted Point: That a person who has attained to sound views may yet designedly commit murder.

Theravādin: Then you imply that he may designedly commit any murder, even the worst, to wit matricide, parricide, Arahanticide, or with enmity at heart may wound a Tathāgata, or create schism in the Saṅgha… .

You imply, moreover, that since he may commit such a deed he can have no reverence for Master, Doctrine, Saṅgha, or Training, while you know, on the other hand, that such a person feels just the opposite.

You imply, moreover, that such a person may defile Buddha shrines, desecrate them, spit on them, behave as an infidel in presence of them?

But was it not said by the Exalted One:

“Just as the ocean, bhikkhus, remains of the same nature, and passes not beyond the shore, just so is the body of precepts which I have established for those who are hearers of my word, and which they their lives long do not pass beyond.”

Hence it is not right to say that a person who has attained to sound views may designedly deprive a living creature of life.