Points of Controversy

12.9. Of Evil Tendency

Controverted Point: That for a person holding sound views evil tendencies are eliminated.

Theravādin: But you concede that such a person though safe as to his destiny may still get infatuated with any purgatorial objects of sense, may commit fornication with females that are not human, whether demons, animals, or fairies; may keep worldly possessions, such as goats and sheep, poultry and swine, elephants, cattle, horses and mules, partridges, quails, peacocks and pheasants. If you assent to all this, your proposition cannot stand. Moreover, you cannot possibly admit all this in the case of an Arahant. Contrariwise, you repudiate it for him, while you admit (as you must) that it may prove true for one who has merely sound views.

Uttarapāthakas: Then if I am wrong, you imply that the person holding sound views may yet be reborn in purgatory, in the animal kingdom, in the realm of the Petas? If you deny, you must also retract your contradiction.