Points of Controversy

13.2. Of a Doomed Man’s Morality

Controverted Point: That a person doomed for a aeon may not acquire moral consciousness.

Theravādin: Yet you admit that he may make gifts to the Saṅgha—how then can your proposition hold? And not only gifts—namely, of raiment, alms, food, lodging, medicaments against illness, various kinds of food, drink—but also that he may render homage at a shrine of older faiths, decorate it with a wreath, with incense, with ointment, salute it by marching round… .

Uttarapāthakas: You contradict my proposition. Now you admit that he may acquire good consciousness arising out of that purgatorial discipline. Yet this implies that he may also acquire good consciousness belonging to the Rūpa- and Arūpa-spheres, and belonging even to the supramundane mind… .