Points of Controversy

14.5. Of Latent Bias as Something Apart

Controverted Point: That latent bias, in any of the seven forms, is different in kind from a patent outbreak of the vice.

Theravādin: Do you equally maintain that the lusts of sense are different in kind from the lusts of sense openly manifested? You deny, but you cannot then maintain your proposition. You cannot maintain that the lusts of sense are the same as those lusts manifested, and yet deny the identity in the case of the manifesting of them and the latent bias.

This argument holds good for the other six forms—enmity, conceit, erroneous opinion, doubt, lust of life, ignorance.

Andhakas—But if I am wrong, may not an average worldly man, while thinking what is good or unmoral, be said to have latent bias, but not to be openly manifesting any of its forms?

Theravādin: If you conclude from this that your proposition is right, you must equally admit that, whereas such a person may also be said to have lust, though he be not openly manifesting it, lust is different in kind from open manifestation of it.