Points of Controversy

16.3. Of making Another Happy according to his Deserts

Controverted Point: That one can bestow happiness on others.

Theravādin: Your proposition implies that one can also cause misery in others. But you deny this, while you maintain the opposite with respect to happiness.

You imply further that you can hand over your own happiness to another; or others’ happiness, or his own happiness, to another. You deny. To whom then? You imply, finally, that anyone causes another to act for him, that one’s own welfare and suffering are wrought by another, that one acts while another experiences.

Hetuvādins: But did not the venerable Udayin say:

“Truly, many sufferings the Exalted One has rid us of, many happinesses has he given us, many bad things he has rid us of, many good things he has he given us.”

Hence one may hand on happiness to another.