Points of Controversy

16.8. Of Matter as Result

Controverted Point: That material qualities are results of karma.

Theravādin: Do you mean to imply that matter is of the nature of feeling, pleasurable, painful, or neutral, that it is conjoined with feeling, with mental reaction, and other phases of consciousness, that it has the properties of mental adverting, adjustment, etc.? Is not the contrary the case? If you assent, you cannot maintain your proposition.

All those things are mental characteristics, not material. But you wish to see in matter a “result” of karma, without the mental characters which are the properties of “result.’…

Andhakas and Sammitīyas: But is not consciousness and its concomitant attributes, which arise through actions done, “result”? Surely then material qualities, which arise through actions done, are equally “result”?