Points of Controversy

17.10. Of the Buddha and the Fruit of Giving

Controverted Point: That it should not be said that “Anything given to the Buddha brings great reward.”

Theravādin: Now was not the Exalted One of all two-footed creatures the highest and best and foremost and uttermost, supreme, unequalled, unrivalled, peerless, incomparable, unique? How then could a gift to Him fail to bring great reward? Are there any equal to Him in virtue, in will, in intellect?

And was it not said by the Exalted One:

“Neither in this world nor in any other is any to be found better than, or equal to the Buddha who has reached the summit of them who are worthy of offerings, who are desirous of merit, who seek abundant fruit.”

Hence surely anything given to the Buddha brings great reward.