Points of Controversy

17.6. Of the Saṅgha and the Accepting of Gifts

Controverted Point: That it ought not to be said “The Saṅgha accepts gifts.”

Theravādin: But is not the Saṅgha worthy of offerings of hospitality, of gifts, of salutations, as the world’s supreme field of merit? How then can it be wrong to say it accepts gifts? Were not its four pairs of men, its eight classes of individuals declared by the Exalted One to be worthy of gifts? And are there not they who give to it?

Finally, was it not said by the Exalted One:

“Like the oblation for the Sacred Flame,
Like a great storm on Mother Earth,
The Saṅgha, endowed with samādhi,
receives offerings.”

Hence surely the Saṅgha accepts gifts.

Mahāsuññāvādins: But can a Path accept? Can Fruition accept?…