Points of Controversy

17.8. Of the Saṅgha and Daily Life

Controverted Point: That it should not be said that The Saṅgha “enjoys,” “eats,” “drinks.”

Theravādin: But you must admit that there are those who partake of the meals of the Saṅgha, both daily and on special occasions, both of rice-gruel and of drink.

Moreover, did not the Exalted One speak of “meals taken in company,” “in turn,” “of food left over,” and not left over”? And did He not speak of eight kinds of drinks: “mango-syrup, jambu-syrup, plantain-syrup, mocha-syrup, honey-syrup, grape-juice, lilyroot-syrup, and pharusaka-syrup”? How then can you maintain your view?

Mahāsuññāvādins: But does a Path, does Fruition “enjoy,” “eat,” “drink”?…