Points of Controversy

19.4. Of Attainment (patti)

Controverted Point: That attainment is unconditioned

Is similar to Kv19.3.1 in the foregoing

Theravādin: Again, do you imply that the winning through gifts of raiment, almsfood, lodging, medicine, is unconditioned? But if so, the same difficulty arises as in the case of attainment in general (Kv19.4.1). In fact, you would have in these four and Nibbāna five “unconditioneds.”

A similar argument is used for the winning of any of the Rūpa jhānas (4), or of the Arūpa jhānas (4), or of the Four Paths and Four Fruits, concluding with: In fact, you would have in these eight and Nibbāna nine “unconditioneds,” etc.

Pubbaseliyas: But if I am wrong, can you identify winning with any one of the five aggregates, bodily or mental?

If not, then it is unconditioned.