Points of Controversy

19.6. Of Nibbāna as Morally Good

Controverted Point: That the element (or sphere) of Nibbāna is good.

Theravādin: Do you imply that it has a mental object, involving a mental process of adverting, reflecting, coordinating, attending, willing, desiring, aiming? Is not rather the opposite true?

These things we can predicate of all morally good mental states—of disinterestedness, love, intelligence, faith, energy, mindfulness, samādhi, understanding. But if we cannot predicate them of Nibbāna, then is the element of Nibbāna not rightly called morally good.

Andhakas: But is not the element of Nibbāna faultless? If so—and you do assent—then it, not being immoral, is moral.