Points of Controversy

2.4. Of the Arahant being excelled by Others

Controverted Point: That the Arahant is excelled by others.

(a) Theravādin: You maintain that he is. Then you must also admit that the Arahant is led by others, attains through others, is conditioned by others, exists in dependence upon others, and knows not sees not, being baffled and without thoughtfulness. If you deny this, you cannot affirm that he is excelled by others, etc. …

(b) The argument in 2, Kv2.4.4, Kv2.4.5, is omitted.

(c) To the five quoted Sutta passages in 2, Kv2., a sixth is added:

Again, did not the Exalted One say in the Suttanta:

“Dhotaka, I am unable to free
Anyone in the world who has doubts.
Directly understanding this excellent teaching,
Thus you will cross over this flood.”