Points of Controversy

20.2. Of Insight

Controverted Point: That “insight” is not for the average man.

Theravādin: But you imply that a worldly man has no analytic discernment, no analytic understanding, no ability to investigate or examine, no faculty of research, no ability to mark well, observe closely, mark repeatedly. Is not the opposite true?

Again, you admit, do you not? that there is not one of the four Rūpajhānas or of the four Arūpajhanas to which a man of the world may not attain, and that he is capable of liberality towards the Brethren as to the four requisites: clothes and so forth. Surely then it is not right to say a worldly man can have no insight.

Hetuvādins: If he can have insight, does he by that insight recognize the truth about Suffering, eliminate its cause, realize its cessation, develop the Path going thereto? You admit that he does not. Therefore, etc. …