Points of Controversy

21.1. Of our Religion

Controverted Point: That our religion is (has been and may again be) reformed.

Theravādin: What, then, has been reformed—the Applications in Mindfulness? the Supreme Efforts? the Steps to Iddhi? the Moral Controls? the Moral Forces? the Seven Branches of Enlightenment? Or was that made good which had been bad? Or was that which was allied with vicious things—defilements, Fetters, Ties, Floods, Yokes, Hindrances, Infections, Graspings, Corruptions—made free herefrom? You deny all this, but your proposition as, stated implies one or the other.

Or do you mean that anyone has reformed the religion founded by the Tathāgata? If so, in which of the doctrines enumerated has he effected a reform? Again you deny… .

Or if you hold that the religion may again be reformed, what in it is there that admits of reformation?