Points of Controversy

21.6. Of All-Pervading Power

Controverted Point: That the Buddhas persist in all directions.

Theravādin: Do you., mean that they persist in the eastern quarter? You deny. Then you contradict yourself. You assent. Then I ask, How is this Eastern Buddha named? What is his family? his clan? what the names of his parents? or of his pair of elect disciples? or of his body-servant? What sort of raiment or bowl does he bear? and in what village, town, city, kingdom, or country?

Or does a Buddha persist in the southern… western… northern quarter? or in the nadir? or in the zenith? Of any such an one I ask you the same questions… . Or does he persist in the realm of the four great Kings? or in the heaven of the Three-and-Thirty? or in that of the Yama or the Tusita devas? or in that of the devas who rejoice in creating, or of those who exploit the creations of others? or in the Brahma-world? If you assent, I ask you further as before… .