Points of Controversy

23.5. Of the Undetermined

Controverted Point: That the aggregates, elements, controlling powers—all save Suffering, is undetermined.

Theravādin: Do you then maintain that the marks of the conditioned are lacking in, say, the material aggregate—that matter is not impermanent, not conditioned, has not arisen because of something, is not liable to decay, to perish to be devoid of passion, to cessation, to change? Is not the opposite true?

Do you imply that only Suffering is caused? Yes? But did not the Exalted One say that whatever was impermanent was Suffering? Hence, if this be so, and since matter is impermanent, you cannot maintain that only Suffering is determined.

The same argument holds good for the other four aggregates (mental), for all the mechanism of sense, for all controlling powers.