Points of Controversy

4.10. Of Putting off the Fetters

Controverted Point: That the putting off of all the Fetters is Arahantship.

Theravādin: By your proposition you must admit that all the Fetters are put off by the Path of Arahantship (the Fourth)—which is not correct, you allow. The proximate candidate for the Fruit of that Path is not occupied in again getting rid of the theory of individuality, doubt, or the infection of mere rule and ritual, already rejected in the First Path. Nor in getting rid of the grosser sensuality and enmity conquered already in the Second Path; nor of the residual sensuality put away without remainder in the Third Path. Was not his work pronounced by the Exalted One to be the putting off without remainder of lust for corporeal, and for incorporeal rebirth, conceit, distraction and ignorance?

Andhaka: But if my proposition is wrong, do you not nevertheless admit that for an Arahant all Fetters are put off? Surely then I may say that Arahantship is a putting off all the Fetters?