Points of Controversy

5.10. Of Knowing Others” Fruition

Controverted Point: That a disciple can have knowledge concerning fruition.

Theravādin: This implies that a disciple can make known the property of each fruit; that he possesses a knowledge of the different degrees of development in fruitions, controlling powers, personalities; that he possesses a conception of aggregates, sense-fields, elements, truths, controlling powers, personality; that he is a Conqueror, a Teacher, a Buddha Supreme, omniscient, all-seeing, Master of the Dhamma, the Dhamma-Judge of appeal; that he is one who causes a Way to spring up where no Way was, one who engenders a Way not engendered; proclaims a Path not proclaimed, knows the Path, is conversant with the Path, is expert in the Path. All of which of course you deny… .

Andhaka: Yet you deny that the disciple lacks insight. Surely then he may have insight into others” fruition.