Points of Controversy

5.5. Of Analytic Insight

Controverted Point: That all knowledge is analytic.

Theravādin: Then you must admit that popular knowledge is analytic—which you deny. For if you assent, then all who have popular, conventional knowledge, have also acquired analytic insight—which you deny. The same argument holds good if “knowledge in discerning the thought of another” be substituted for “popular… knowledge.”

Again, if all knowledge is analytic, then a fortiori all discernment is analytic. Or, if you can assent to that, you must therewith admit that the discernment of one who attains jhāna by any of the elemental, or colour “artifices,” who attains any of the four more abstract jhānas, who gives donations, who gives to the Saṅgha any of the four necessaries of life, is analytic. But this you deny.

Andhaka: If I am wrong, you admit that there is such a thing as spiritual or supramundane discernment; is that not analytic?

Theravādin: That I do not deny.

Andhaka: Then my proposition is true.