Points of Controversy

6.7. Of Space as visible

Controverted Point: That space is unconditioned.

Theravādin: If this is so, you commit yourself to saying that space is visible material, visible object and element, and therefore, as such, is either blue-green, yellow, red, or white, is cognizable by the eye, impinges on the eye or organ of vision, enters into the avenue of sight—which you deny… .

Substituting “space” for “visible object,” you must affirm or deny that “because of eye and space visual consciousness arises.” If not, your proposition falls through. If you agree, you cannot quote any Suttanta to establish this. All that the Suttanta says is:

“Because of eye and visible object visual consciousness arises.”

As you agree. Hence you must either call space visible object (with its properties), or fail to maintain your position.

Andhaka: If I am wrong, you must nevertheless admit that you “see” the interval between two trees or two posts, the space in a keyhole or in a window. Surely then space is visible.