Points of Controversy

7.2. Of Mental States as mutually connected

Controverted Point: That mental states are not connected with other mental states.

Theravādin: But you do not also deny that some things are concomitant, co-existent, compounded with other things, arise and cease together with them, have the same physical basis and the same object? Why then except the relation “connected with”?

One aggregate, for instance/may be co-existent with another: feeling with perception, mental coefficients, consciousness, and so on. Surely then it may be “connected with” that other.

Rājagirikas and Siddhatthikas: Then do you understand that one such state accompanies, pervades another state, just as oil pervades sesamum, or sugar pervades cane?

Theravādin: No, that cannot truly be said… .