Points of Controversy

8.4. Of Sense-Desires

Controverted Point: Whether the subjective sense-desires or the objective five fields of sense constitute kāma’s.

is verbatim = 8.3.1 in viii. 3, and is verbatim=Kv8.3.5 save for the substitution of “Hence sensuality consists in only the five fields of sense-object.”

Theravādin: But was it not also said by the Exalted One:

“There are these fivefold pleasures of sense, bhikkhus: which are the five? Objects desirable, … adapted to sense-desires (kāma), and seductive are cognizable by sight, hearing, etc. … five kinds of objects associated with sense-pleasure. Nevertheless, bhikkhus, these are not sense-desires; they are called in the Ariyan discipline objects of sense-pleasures (kāmaguṇa). For kāma is a man’s lustful intention.

“The manifold of objects in the world—
This in itself is not ‘desires of sense.’
Lustful intention is man’s sense-desires.
That manifold of objects doth endure;
The will thereto the wise exterminate”

Hence it is wrong to say that just the five kinds of senseobjects constitute sense-desires.