Points of Controversy

9.7. Of Initial Application of Mind and its Field of Operation

Controverted Point: That initial mental application “falls” on all consciousness.

Theravādin: If that is true, you must also be prepared to admit in detail that other mental properties sustained application, zest, pleasure, pain, gladness, melancholy, indifference, faith, energy, mindfulness, samādhi, understanding, lust, hate… indiscretion fall on (or operate in) all consciousness.—But you are not so prepared… .

Contrariwise, is there not samādhi with sustained application only, not initial application; also samādhi wherein there is neither kind of application? Were not, in fact, three kinds of concentrative exercise distinguished by the Exalted One: (1) With both modes of application; (2) with the sustained mode only; (3) with neither?

Hence your proposition is wrong.