Theravāda Vinayapiṭaka

Monks’ rules and their analysis

Monks’ Training (Sekhiya) 51

At one time the enlightened one, the lord, was staying at Kosambī in Ghosita’s monastery. Now at that time a milk drink had been prepared for the Order by a certain brahmin. The monks drank the milk making a hissing sound. A certain monk who had formerly been an actor spoke thus: “It seems that this whole Order is cooled.” Those who were modest monks … spread it about, saying: “How can this monk make a joke about the Order?” …

“Is it true, as is said, that you, monk, made a joke about the Order?”

“It is true, lord.”

The enlightened one, the lord, rebuked him, saying:

“How can you, foolish man, make a joke about the Order? It is not, foolish man, for pleasing those who are not (yet) pleased …” … and having rebuked him, having given reasoned talk, he addressed the monks, saying:

“Monks, a joke should not be made about the enlightened one or dhamma or the Order. Whoever should make (one), there is an offence of wrong-doing.”

Then the lord, having rebuked that monk in many a figure for his difficulty in maintaining himself … “… And thus, monks, this rule of training should be set forth:

‘I will not eat making a hissing sound,’ is a training to be observed.”

One should not eat making a hissing sound … if he is the first wrong-doer.