Samyukta Āgama (2) 27

Māra Saṃyutta

Māra throws a boulder

Thus have I heard, once, the Buddha was staying near Rājagaha on Gijjhakūṭa Mountain. The sky was covered with clouds. It rained lightly and lightning flashed brightly everywhere. At that time the World-honored One was walking in the open at night. There King Māra the Bad had this thought: “The renunciant Gotama is staying in Rājagaha on Gijjhakūṭa Mountain; the sky is covered with clouds, it is raining lightly, and lightning is flashing brightly everywhere. While he is walking in the open at night, I should go and disturb him.” Having thought thus, King Māra went up that mountain and pushed a large boulder down to hit the Buddha. The boulder however shattered by itself. At that time the World-honored One spoke a verse:

“You might destroy Gijjhakūṭa Mountain /
turn it to dust;
you might break apart /
the vast continents and the immense ocean.
However, to inspire fear /
in someone who has attained true liberation,
to make his hair stand on end /
will never be possible.”

At that time King Māra thought: “The renunciant Gotama knows my thoughts.” He became depressed and dispirited, made his body invisible and returned to his heavenly palace.