Samyukta Āgama (2) 45

Sakka Saṃyutta

Sakka visits by night

Thus have I heard, once, the Buddha was staying at Sāvatthī at the Jeta Grove in the Anāthapiṇḍika Park.

At that time Sakka Devānaṃ Inda, of beautiful appearance, surpassing human beings and devas, came to where the Buddha was in the middle of the night. He paid homage at the Buddha’s feet and sat to one side. At that time the entire Jeta Grove was filled with light brighter than daylight. Sakka Devānaṃ Inda spoke a verse:

“Destroying what can one find peace and rest? /
Getting rid of what can one be free of sorrow?
The cessation of what is praised by Gotama? /
Please dispel my doubts!”

At that time the World-honored One replied with a verse:

“Destroying anger, one finds peace and rest. /
Getting rid of anger, one is without sorrow.
Pulling out anger’s stinging, poisonous root: /
this, Sakka, you should know.
Since anger destroys the good, /
those who get rid of it will be praised.”

Having heard what the Buddha said, Sakka Devānaṃ Inda circumambulated him three times, was happy and remembered it well.