Saṃyutta Nikāya 1

Connected Discourses with Devatas

76. Does Not Decay

“What decays, what does not decay?
What is declared the deviant path?
What is the impediment to wholesome states?
What undergoes destruction night and day?
What is the stain of the holy life?
What is the bath without water?

“How many fissures are there in the world
Wherein the mind does not stand firm?
We’ve come to ask the Blessed One this:
How are we to understand it?”

“The physical form of mortals decays,
Their name and clan does not decay.
Lust is declared the deviant path,
Greed the impediment to wholesome states.

“Life undergoes destruction night and day;
Women are the stain of the holy life:
Here’s where menfolk are enmeshed.
Austerity and the holy life—
That is the bath without water.

“There are six fissures in the world
Wherein the mind does not stand firm:
Laziness and negligence,
Indolence, lack of self-control,
Drowsiness and lethargy—
Avoid these fissures completely.”