Saṃyutta Nikāya 11

Connected Discourses with Sakka

19. The Worship of the Teacher (or Sakka’s Worship (2))

As above down to:

“Then, bhikkhus, Sakka, lord of the devas, descending from the Vejayanta Palace, raised his joined hands in reverential salutation and worshipped the Blessed One. Then Matali the charioteer addressed Sakka, lord of the devas, in verse:

“‘Both devas and human beings
Humbly worship you, Vasava.
So who, O Sakka, is that spirit
To whom you bow in worship?’


“‘The Perfectly Enlightened One here
In this world with its devas,
The Teacher of perfect name:
He is the one whom I worship, Matali.

“‘Those for whom lust and hatred
And ignorance have been expunged,
The arahants with taints destroyed:
These are the ones whom I worship, Matali.

“‘The trainees who delight in dismantling,
Who diligently pursue the training
For the removal of lust and hatred,
For transcending ignorance:
These are the ones whom I worship, Matali.’


“‘Those whom you worship, my lord Sakka,
Are indeed the best in the world.
I too will worship them—
Those whom you worship, Vasava.’

The Blessed One:

“Having given this explanation,
Having worshipped the Blessed One,
The deva-king Maghava, Suja’s husband,
The chief, climbed into his chariot.”