Saṃyutta Nikāya 11

Connected Discourses with Sakka

7. One Should Not Transgress

At Savatthī. “Bhikkhus, once in the past, when Sakka, lord of the devas, was alone in seclusion, the following reflection arose in his mind: ‘Though someone may be my sworn enemy, I should not transgress even against him.’

“Then, bhikkhus, Vepacitti, lord of the asuras, having known with his own mind the reflection in Sakka’s mind, approached Sakka, lord of the devas. Sakka saw Vepacitti coming in the distance and said to him: ‘Stop, Vepacitti, you’re caught!’—‘Dear sir, do not abandon the idea that just occurred to you.’—‘Swear, Vepacitti, that you won’t transgress against me.’


‘“Whatever evil comes to a liar,
Whatever evil to a reviler of noble ones,
Whatever evil to a betrayer of friends,
Whatever evil to one without gratitude:
That same evil touches the one
Who transgresses against you, Suja’s husband.’”