Saṃyutta Nikāya 21

Connected Discourses with Bhikkhus

12. Companions

At Savatthi. Then two bhikkhus who were companions, pupils of the Venerable Mahakappina, approached the Blessed One. The Blessed One saw them coming in the distance and addressed the bhikkhus thus: “Bhikkhus, do you see those two bhikkhus who are companions coming, pupils of Kappina?”

“Yes, venerable sir.”

“Those bhikkhus are of great spiritual power and might. It is not easy to find an attainment that those bhikkhus have not already attained. And they are ones who, by realizing it for themselves with direct knowledge, in this very life enter and dwell in that unsurpassed goal of the holy life for the sake of which clansmen rightly go forth from the household life into homelessness.”

This is what the Blessed One said. Having said this, the Fortunate One, the Teacher, further said this:

“These two companion bhikkhus
Have been united for a very long time.
The true Dhamma has united them
In the Dhamma proclaimed by the Buddha.

“They have been disciplined well by Kappina
In the Dhamma proclaimed by the Noble One.
They carry about their final bodies,
Having conquered Mara and his mount.”

The Book of Causation is finished.