Saṃyutta Nikāya 36

Connected Discourses on Feeling

16. Ānanda (2)

Then the Venerable Ānanda approached the Blessed One, paid homage to him, and sat down to one side. The Blessed One then said to the Venerable Ānanda as he was sitting to one side: “Ānanda, what now is feeling? What is the origin of feeling? What is the cessation of feeling? What is the way leading to the cessation of feeling? What is the gratification in feeling? What is the danger? What is the escape?”

“Venerable sir, our teachings are rooted in the Blessed One, guided by the Blessed One, take recourse in the Blessed One. It would be good if the Blessed One would clear up the meaning of this statement. Having heard it from him, the bhikkhus will remember it.”

“Then listen and attend closely, Ānanda. I will speak.”

“Yes, venerable sir,” the Venerable Ānanda replied. The Blessed One said this:

“Ānanda, these three feelings—pleasant feeling, painful feeling, neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling—are called feeling….”

All as in the preceding sutta.