Saṃyutta Nikāya 47

Connected Discourses on the Establishments of Mindfulness

30. Manadinna

The same setting. Now on that occasion the householder Manadinna was sick, afflicted, gravely ill. Then the householder Manadinna addressed a man thus:

“Come, good man” … as above

“I am not bearing up, venerable sir, I am not getting better. Strong painful feelings are increasing in me, not subsiding, and their increase, not their subsiding, is to be discerned. But, venerable sir, when I am being touched by such painful feeling, I dwell contemplating the body in the body … feelings in feelings … mind in mind … phenomena in phenomena, ardent, clearly comprehending, mindful, having removed covetousness and displeasure in regard to the world. And as to these five lower fetters taught by the Blessed One, I do not see any of these unabandoned in myself.”

“It is a gain for you, householder! It is well gained by you, householder! You have declared, householder, the fruit of nonreturning.”