Sutta Nipāta

Rāhula Sutta

2.11. Teaching Rāhula

From living together constantly,
the Teacher you don’t scorn?
Torch-bearer to humanity,
is he by you revered?

From living together constantly,
the Teacher I scorn not.
Torch-bearer to humanity
is by me revered.

Having let go five sense-desires,
and forms that are dear, delighting mind,
with faith renounce the household life,
be one who dukkha ends.

Keep company with noble friends,
dwell in a lonely practice-place,
secluded, having little noise,
with food be moderate.

Robes as well as food from alms,
with shelter, also remedies—
for these things no craving form,
so turn not to the world again.

By Pāṭimokkha stay restrained
and by the five sense faculties,
practise bodily mindfulness
to be dispassionate.

Avoid those objects beautiful,
which may be linked with lust,
on the unlovely, one-pointed,
well-concentrated, grow the mind.

Develop then the signless state,
with tendency to pride let go—
by fully understanding it,
truly as peaceful you will fare.

In this way the Radiant One with these verses frequently exhorted the venerable Rāhula.