Sutta Nipāta

Hiri Sutta

2.3. “Conscience” and so on

Though this person says “I am your friend”,
nothing’s done for you as comrade would,
but bereft of conscience, e’en despising you:
as “not one of mine” this person should be known.

Who uses pleasant words to friends
but does not act accordingly,
wise people understand like this:
“a speaker not a doer.”

That one’s no friend who diligently
seeks your faults, desiring strife;
but with whom one rests, as child on breast,
is friend indeed who none can part.

One who causes states of joy,
who brings praiseworthy happiness,
who’s grown the Fruits’ advantages,
the human burden bears.

Having drunk of solitude
and tasted Peace sublime,
free from sorrow, evil-free,
one savour: Dharma’s joy.