T 1670B Nāgasena Bhikṣu Sūtra

Part 1: The Secular Narrative

1.1. Introduction

The Buddha once dwelt in the Kingdom of Sravasti, in Jetavana, Anathapindika’s Park. At that time all the bhiksu sangha, bhiksuni sangha, upasakas, upasikas, all the kings of heaven, great ministers, wealthy men and ordinary people, and also those who pursue the heretical views of the ninety six doctrines—the total number amounting to more than ten-thousand—came daily to the Buddha to hear the Dharma.

It occurred to the Buddha, “The assembly of men here is becoming greater from day to day, and my body cannot be at ease.” The Buddha wished to forsake the assembly of men and retire to a solitary place, where he could sit down, contemplate, and meditate on the Path. The Buddha then deserted the assembly of men, and entered a mountain called the Jiaoluo forest. These trees were imbued with spirits, and the Buddha sat himself at the foot of one of the trees and meditated on the path of purity.