T 1670B Nāgasena Bhikṣu Sūtra

Part 2: Dialogues

2.24. Question on Time

The king asked, “Venerable Nāgasena, what is meant by ‘time’?” Nāgasena replied, “Concerning the past things we speak in reference to time, concerning the future things we also speak in reference to time, but concerning the present things we speak without referring to time.”

“Very good Nāgasena.”

The king said, “In consideration, is there time which exists?”

Nāgasena replied, “There is time which exists, there is time which does not exist.”

“Which time exists, which does not?”

“Regarding the person who has attained nirvana, time does not exist, but regarding the person who has not attained the Path and is still subject to birth and death, time exists. {If a person in this life delights in giving and is filial to his parents, then, he will get happiness in the next life.}”

“Excellent, Nāgasena.”