Verses of the Senior Monks

Chapter of the Tens

10.4. Cūḷa­pantha­ka

My progress was slow,
I was despised in the past;
My brother turned me away,
Saying, “Go home now”.

Turned away at the gate
Of the Saṅgha’s monastery,
I stood there sadly,
Longing for the teaching.

Then Blessed One came
And touched my head.
Taking me by the arm,
He brought me into the Saṅgha’s monastery.

The teacher, out of compassion,
Gave me a foot-wiping cloth, saying:
“Focus your awareness
Exclusively on this clean cloth.”

After I had listened to his words,
I dwelt delighting in his teaching,
Practising samādhi
For the attainment of the highest goal.

I know my past life;
My divine eye is clarified;
I’ve attained the three knowledges,
And fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions.

I, Panthaka, created a thousand
Images of myself,
And sat in the delightful mango grove
Until the time for the meal offering was announced.

Then the teacher sent to me
A messenger to announce the time.
When the time was announced,
I flew to him through the air.

I paid homage to the teacher’s feet,
And sat to one side.
When he knew I was seated,
The teacher received the offering.

Recipient of gifts from the whole world,
Receiver of sacrifices,
Field of merit for humanity,
He received the offering.