Udāna 1.4

Nigrodhasuttaṃ 4

The Discourse about the Banyan Tree

Thus I heard: At one time the Gracious One was dwelling near Uruvelā, on the bank of the river Nerañjarā, at the root of the Goatherds’ Banyan tree, in the first period after attaining Awakening. Then at that time the Gracious One was sitting in one cross-legged posture for seven days experiencing the happiness of freedom. Then with the passing of those seven days, the Gracious One arose from that concentration.

Then a certain brāhmaṇa who was by nature a grumbler went to the Gracious One, and after going, he exchanged greetings with the Gracious One. After exchanging courteous talk and greetings, he stood on one side. While stood on one side that brāhmaṇa said this to the Gracious One:

“To what extent, dear Gotama, is one a brāhmaṇa? And again what things make one a brāhmaṇa?”

Then the Gracious One, having understood the significance of it, on that occasion uttered this exalted utterance:

“That brāhmaṇa who has removed bad things,
Not grumbling, free from blemish, self-restrained,
With perfect understanding, and the spiritual life accomplished,
Righteously he might speak a word about the Brahman,
For him there is no arrogance anywhere in the world.”