Details for MN 14 Cūḷa­dukkha­kkhandha
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Pāli MN 14 Cūḷa­dukkha­kkhandha MN i 91
Chinese T 55 苦陰因事 T i 849b23
Chinese T 54 釋摩男本四子 T i 848b03
Chinese MA 100 T 26.100 苦因 T i 586b02
Chinese EA 41.1 T 125.41.1 * ? T ii 744a02 noteEA 41.1 is only a partial parallel, as its first part instead parallels SN 55.21 at SN v 369, another meeting between the Buddha and Mahānāma.
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.