Details for MN 43 Mahāvedalla
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Pāli MN 43 Mahāvedalla MN i 292
Chinese MA 211 T 26.211 大拘絺羅 T i 790b08 noteAkanuma p. 165 lists SA 251 at T ii 060b as another parallel. However, SA 251 should rather be reckoned as a parallel to SN 22.127–132 at SN iii 172, since it agrees with them in having Mahakoṭṭhita ask Sāriputta only about the implications of ignorance and its opposite, not about the whole range of topics treated in MN 43 and MA 211.
Pāli AN 4.175 Upavāna [Upavāṇa] AN ii 163
Tibetan Up 9.008* mngon: nyu 81a3 / thu 127a3 
Tibetan Up 3.064* mngon: ju 165a4/ tu 190b6 
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.